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New CSR report released



19th May, 2017

Air France KLM released the new CSR report, giving an overview of recent developments and results in the field of sustainability in 2016.

The report if fully digital and includes a short introductory video.

Here’s a selection of achievements listed in the report.

Biofuel flights from Los Angeles

Since the end of 2016, all flights out of Los Angeles have been operated using a percentage of sustainable biofuel made from used cooking oil. This programme is set to continue for a period of three years. Los Angeles is the second airport in the world that has incorporate biofuel into its regular refuelling process. The biofuel flights were partly facilitated by the partners in the KLM Corporate Biofuel Programme.

Fuel efficiency

Air France-KLM has reduced CO2 emissions per passenger by 7% compared to 2011. This has primarily been achieved by way of fleet renewal and operational optimisation (weight reduction on board, optimisation of routes and optimisation of flight procedures). KLM’s reduction of CO2 emissions is somewhat higher at 9%.

CO2ZERO more popular

The number of passengers participating in the CO2ZERO programme increased by 37% in the past year. The funds raised are being invested in projects ensuring that families in Ghana and elsewhere are supplied with charcoal stoves, which are more eco-friendly because charcoal emits less CO2 when it is burnt. The stoves also indirectly reduce deforestation and improve the local standard of living. Since 2008, this programme has helped to provide 50,000 families with charcoal stoves.

Saving paper

The introduction of the Media App has reduced paper consumption by 21,000 kg per year. This ensures weight reduction on board, cutting transport costs and reducing waste, saving KLM 295,000 litres of kerosene a year and reducing CO2 emission by 750 tonnes, which is equal to the annual emissions of 95 Dutch households.

Visibility is important

The recent roundtable meeting confirmed that, in today’s world, corporations have no choice but to pursue sustainable operations, which have become a key factor in generating financial and social value for the environment, workforce and society at large. The meeting confirmed that Air France and KLM take their role in this regard seriously. This is borne out by the fact that we have been the No. 1 airline in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past 12 years.

View the fully digital report and find below the GRI table.

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